Tuesday, September 12, 2006

That's funny, Omarosa seems like such a sweetheart

According to the LA Times, a new study is showing that celebrities are more narcissistic than average Americans.

I think we can file that one under "No shit, Sherlock."

But, interestingly, the study also says that while musicians, who have the highest skill levels, are least in love with themselves among the various show biz categories, reality show "celebrities" are the most narcissistic:

The study — soon to be published in the Journal of Research and Personality — confirmed that celebrities are more narcissistic than average Americans. And — surprisingly — they seem to start out that way, leading Pinsky and Young (the researchers) to surmise that narcissistic people seek out careers in the limelight, rather than becoming narcissistic when they earn fame. Young thinks this nugget may prove useful to the increasingly popular course of study known as entertainment management.

The average Narcissism Personality Inventory score of Americans — as demonstrated in a previous study — is 15.3 out of a possible 40. Celebrities averaged 17.8. Contrary to what occurs in the general population, women celebrities, across the board, were more narcissistic than males (19.26 versus 17.27). Musicians — who have the highest skill level — are the least narcissistic celebrity group, while reality television stars — the least talented or skilled group — are the most narcissistic.

"Female reality show contestants," Pinsky said, "are off the chart."

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Anonymous said...

Its like the least talent they have the more ego they have. But every time I see those people I totally believe it.

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