Friday, September 22, 2006

Sometimes I disgust even myself

I really can be lazy and slothful sometimes, and I'm trying to stop it.

I just woke up half an hour ago (about 10:30) and I think I'd still be sleeping, except for a car horn outside, and trust me, that driver's ears must have been burning when I got through cursing him.

Now I'm already contemplating lunch. How terrible is that? I just woke up and I'm already planning lunch: should I treat myself to an expensive meal at one of my fav places in the city, Union Square Cafe, or just go for a more relaxed lunch at Genesis, which has the benefit of being walking distance - not to mention about a third of the price? And the bartender, she is good with the buy backs. Being lazy and slothful, I will probably opt for Genesis.

And if proof were needed of my sloth, I just found a couple of sweatshirts that have been lying on a chair in my bedroom for months. I kept telling myself all summer I should put them in the closet, out of the way. Never got around to it. And now, sweatshirt weather is approaching again, so, you know, I might as well just keep them out.

I need structure in my life. But fuck it. First I'm going to go have some glasses of wine at a delightful lunch. IT'S FRIDAY!


Anonymous said...

Lazy bastard! :)

Anonymous said...

Go to Union Square. I LOVE that place. But it IS very expensive.

Anonymous said...

Grrr how can you get to sleep so late and get these liquid filled long lunches???

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