Thursday, September 21, 2006

Please tell me it doesn't include the smells too

"The New York City transit system has been filmed and photographed, drawn and chronicled in hardback and in newsprint. Soon it will be heard.

All week, a man with a microphone has walked the subway platforms to collect the clattering of the rivets and the whistling horns, the distortion in the loudspeaker, the hush in the compressor’s song and the dying of the brake like some wounded thing.

Even in that racket, some find value. The recordings are the chief selling point of a new reproduction of a subway train by the Lionel model train company made under a license from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for completion by year’s end."

-NY Times

I wonder if you'll also hear those little Chinese ladies who occasionally come through the cars selling bootleg copies of DVDs and batteries for "one dollah, one dollah."

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Anonymous said...

And how about the mariachi (sp?) bands! :)

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