Monday, September 11, 2006

But, but...doesn't the sun revolve around me?

I have four friends getting hitched this year, and not one - not one - is getting married in Manhattan.

Two in Jersey, one in the Hudson Valley, north of the city, and one on Long Island. Talk about not catering to moi!

Chatting with Jan Brady this morning, I told her that she still had time to switch hers to the Uptown martini bar, which is about a three-minute walk from Chez JBK. Wouldn't that be fun?

I don't think she was buying it though.


pilgrimchick said...

Too bad--my suggestion is either marry, or if you are married, "renew your vows" in a place like Acupulco and tell them all that you are only asking them to travel the combined distance they all asked of you when they married.

Anonymous said...

jbk married? hah - no one in her right mind would have him, he's a pain in the ass. (hehe love ya - just kidding!! :)

Not a hipster said...

slskenyon, that sounds a little bitter. :)

When people get married, no one expects you to travel a long distance. And even if they're getting married far away, people understand if you can't make it. It's an invitation, not a demand.

Anonymous said...

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