Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Working tirelessly to please you, the Too Saucy reader

A commenter on a previous post asked for a black and white Sinatra clip, to go with the one from earlier today, so voila! This is from a WNET/Ch. 13 special on F.S., which featured a lot of clips from his old 1950s show, which orignally aired, I believe, on ABC.

A few things about it. Unlike much of the tinny-voiced wailing we tend to hear today on TV, there's no lip-synching or audio "sweetening" going on here. Yet, even with the primitive broadcast technology of the 50s (this may even have been a live show), his voice still sounds almost as good as the studio sound on his famous Capitol albums.

And it really was a different time. Look at the cloud of cigarette smoke surrounding him. In fact, at one point, he coughs and clears his throat.

Sinatra also had to change a line in this Cole Porter song. The original lyric was "Some get a kick from cocaine..." He had to change it to "Some like the perfume from Spain..."


Anonymous said...

Hey that was me! Thanks. This is great. On the album version of this, he actually uses the cocaine line, but I guess they couldnt get away with it on TV in those days. He sort of laughs at the perfume line in this clip.

Anonymous said...

And we get Ashley Simpson lip synching on SNL lol

Anonymous said...

I thought you make fun of Jersey. You know he's from Hoboken! :)

Anonymous said...

I've got to get me one of those hats! lol

Anonymous said...

You need whisky when you want to get in a Sinatra mood! :)

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