Tuesday, August 08, 2006


What a delightful morning. Not as humid or hot, a little breezy even. I just got back from breakfast at the Barking Dog on Third, where I sat at one of the outdoor tables and read the Daily News - and also drank about 6 cups of coffee, so I'm bouncing off the walls now.

Oh, and I know I have some Too Saucy readers up in Connecticut. Go Lamont!

Actually, no matter what happens in the Democratic primary there today, the Dems will hold the seat in that reliably blue state come the general in November, but I think it's time to send Lieberman packing. It's bad enough that he's a Bush enabler, especially on the disastrous Iraq war, but there are plenty of other reasons to be tired of him. He first lost me during the height of the disgusting attempt by Republicans to impeach Bill Clinton for getting a bob job, and yet there was alleged Democrat, Holy Joe, on the floor of the Senate, lecturing Clinton about morality, and, once again, enabling the right-wingers.



Anonymous said...

I Love the Barking Dog! :)

Anonymous said...

heh a bob job? Too funny.

Anonymous said...

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