Thursday, August 31, 2006

Random (somewhat sad) thought on a tipsy Thursday

So, I just got home from a very relaxing dinner at my regular Upper East Side place, where the food is yummy, the bartender is great with the buybacks, and I can sit at the bar and read the Daily News (my fav NY newspaper) in peace.

I'm heading to midtown in a few hours, though, to meet some friends at sleaze city, where the girls dance on the bar (good girls!) and, on my way home to recharge, I passed this little old woman on 2nd, walking her dog, a tiny black poodle. This old gal had to be in her 80s, stooped over, with a walker, but clearly and dearly loving this little pooch. The thing is, whenever I see something like this, I get sort of sad - I always wonder what happens to the dog when the person dies. I always hope there's someone who will take care of it. I know I should probably be feeling for the old woman, but for some reason, I always worry about the pet.

I have issues.


Not a hipster said...

I kind of worry about pets of old people, too. I don't think that makes us insensitive that we're not thinking about the people, though.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean though. You have to figure someone will feed them and all, but the dogs or cats just won't get the love they were used to by someone like that old woman you saw :(

Anonymous said...

Ok I think its good you worry about animals.

pilgrimchick said...

No, you're right to worry. We take on animals as companions and then they are the last beings we think of when something happens to an owner. I hope things turn out Ok. At least it sounds like you had a quality evening regardless of your feeling like you have issues.

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