Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rainy days and Tuesdays always get me down

I don't know why Tuesdays always seem so depressing. At least to me they do; such a blah day, more so even than Mondays, I think. Of course the fact that it's been raining and grey for a couple of days now (the fringes of Ernesto, I guess) doesn't help.

Then again, maybe it's the TV coverage of Katrina one year later. And how sad that town still seems, and how little has been done to repair it, no matter what Bush tries to proclaim. (The one silver lining in the tragedy that was Katrina, if there could be one, is it finally burst the bubble of seeming competence and compassion that many Americans somehow believed the Bush people actually had. Katrina made clear that was a joke).

It's pathetic to see one of the great cities of the world still in ruins, like an isolated third world village. N.O. was one of my favorite cities, not just for the booze and debauchery, but some of the best meals I ever had. And now it will never be the same.

So, I think I'm going to cheer myself up with a bite to eat and a few cocktails at my favorite martini bar tonight (even though it's not the always popular cheap night, Wednesday, just regular happy hour prices abruptly ending at 8, the bastards.)

But on Tuesday evenings they always have a little jazz combo playing. Jazz means New Orleans, of course. Maybe they'll play a lot of Louis Armstrong tonight.

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