Friday, August 25, 2006

Oh, to be in that sandwich

As you may know, every guy's fantasy is twins. (Actually, two girls in general will do, but twins, you know, give it that extra ooomph).

Here's a fun story about TALL twins – and just 18-years-old, no less.

Now that's a week's worth of fantasies.

Claire and Ann Recht - each almost 6' 8” - are the world's tallest female twins. They were recruited to play volleyball at American University, and seem like a couple of nice girls in the bargain.

And, wow, talk about legs that go on forever.

I never meet girls like this. Life is so unfair, sometimes.


Anonymous said...

lol why are guys so disgusting?

Anonymous said...

What is the two girls or the lesbian thing? I don't get why that is such a turnon for guys, and it is. My bf and his friends talk about it constantly?

pilgrimchick said...

Well, I think the problem here is that guys with this two girl fantasy are banking on the concept that two women would enthusiastically want to please you in every way. Hence why this scenario consistently falls into the "only fantasy" category for almost all men.

Anonymous said...

hehe slskenyon, it's amazing how widespread that fantasy is with guys. I can never figure out if they just want to watch the girls or be part of it too!

Anonymous said...

Memphis - they love the thought of being in the middle of all the female flesh. Its not complicated! :)

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