Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A- HA!

That whole Kyra Phillips-caught-gossiping-in-the-CNN-bathroom incident yesterday, in addition, of course, to being hilarious, also helps shed light on one of the age-old conflicts between men and women.

As in, we can never figure out why the hell it takes women so long when they go to the bathroom in a bar. Usually in groups.

Well, Kyra showed us why.

They're having a party in there. They're yakking away, primping and gossiping, and having a good old time.

Guys, did you know some ladies rooms have couches in them? We're lucky to get fucking toilet paper in ours.

They usually try to say, “Oh, we have more complicated clothes to deal with.”

Puh-lease. Holding a goddamn Tupperware party in there is the problem, not elaborate underwear.

Guys go in, we do our business, we're out. If there's any conversation, it's quick and to the point: “Did you see the rack on that blonde?” “Yeah, nice.”

Boom, done.

Thank you, Kyra, for bringing this to our attention.


Not a hipster said...

I told an ex-boyfriend of mine that my friends and I go to the bathroom together to talk shit about people. He didn't believe me. So we started talking shit about him.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me jbk, but we also have to deal with waiting on long lines at the womens room, which is usually not there at the mens.

Anonymous said...

lol - oh and that's some conversation you guys are having in there: Nice rack? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Smooshie - those long lines are there because your freinds are all in there gossiping for 10 minutes.

Not a hipster said...

brooklyninthehouse, I don't agree with you. The long lines have nothing to do with gossiping, it has to do with tiny bladders. We gossip while we're peeing and washing our hands.

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