Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Banana Republic sucks

You know, all it takes is one stupid salesclerk to ruin your afternoon.

On my way home from lunch, I stopped in at the Banana Republic store on 86th. I had a coupon for 20 percent off any purchases made with my B.R. card.

I went in to get two pairs of khakis. Picked them up in about 45 seconds (see also: bathroom usage, difference between men and women).

Anyway, I then go to pay for them. And there's one damn register open in the whole place. But there's about 10 staffers working the floor of the store, which was almost empty. And there is a customer at the register who is purchasing, and I'm not exagerating, about 20 items! And the girl working the register is, of course, having all sorts of problems.

So I'm waiting there and waiting, now at least 8 or 10 minutes, and seeing all these other staffers wandering around doing absolutely nothing is incredibly frustrating. So I finally catch the manager's eye and ask is there any way to get another register opened. Frankly, he should have taken care of that about 4 minutes earlier - he clearly saw me standing on line behind this clown at the register.

So he brings in this guy who opens a second register and rings up my two items - then takes the 20 percent coupon and starts studying it like it's the Magna fucking Carta. Brow furrowed, lips moving. I ask if there's a problem. Instead of saying anything to me, he calls the manager back over and says, "Can this be used in the store or is it only for online purchases?"

Well, the coupon CLEARLY said it was good for any purchase made with the card...and if used on br dot com for more than $100, there would also be no shipping fee. This apparently was too complicated for him to understand.


So I literally was stuck in the damn store for about 15 minutes when I should have been out in less than two.


Anonymous said...

hehe I hate shopping with you because you're so impatient, but that does sound bad.

Anonymous said...

lol grumpy!

pilgrimchick said...

That's brilliant. I must "shop like a guy" by your standards. Anyway, out here in England, "service" is a word that has faded out of their vocabulary. If your situation had happened here, the manager would have given you a long, drawn out reason why no other register could be opened, you'd have double the number of useless people walking around working the floor, and regardless what your coupon said, they wouldn't let you use it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you should have just orderd them online, even if yu had to wait a few days for them to arrive! Unless you needed them right away it probably would have been better than that.

Anonymous said...

Slsykenyon, I know exactly what you're talking about. Two years ago we were on vacation in London and one afternoon were starving so we went into a nice looking pub to get lunch. But it was 3:05 - not even, more like 3:04 - and they wouldn't serve us because they had stopped lunch at 3. Now I understand restaurants have to have a cut-off point to stop serving meals, but this wasn't like half an hour later, it was five lousy minutes! And we asked can we just get an order of chips even, it doesnt have to be a real lunch or a sandwich or with fish or anything. He still wouldnt do it, even though he saw we were clearly American tourists. Or maybe that's why! lol

We ended up having to go to a crummy fast food place just to get something. I was so sad.

Anonymous said...

Banana Republic fashion went down big time, Im not sure who is a designer, but its awful crap, not to compare what was about 8 years ago.

Anonymous said...

CUSTOMER BEWARE: Banana Republic SUCKS!!! ... I'll stop here, just to keep the blogosphere a positive place... but man!!! I'm never ever gonna buy anything from them!

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