Monday, August 14, 2006

Another two hours of my life I will never get back

My guilty pleasure for the season is over - Hell's Kitchen ended Monday night. Knowing how these shows work, I basically figured Heather was going to win, crybaby though she was. The way they were setting up Virginia as Chef Gordon Ramsey's fav lately, I figured it was going to be a "surprise twist" at the end.

Heather did seem to deserve the win, although I somehow doubt they are actually going to give complete control of the kitchen in a billion dollar Las Vegas hotel over to this 25-year-old girl.

I saw it at a Fox viewing party, where they recreated the final menus on the show, Chilean sea bass and short ribs and banana splits and all. Not bad, if I do greedily say so. Although, with the free flowing bubbly, I would have probably been just as satisifed with nachos and shrimp cocktails and pigs in a blanket.


pilgrimchick said...

Sorry I missed out on this show in the US. Here, Gordon Ramsey does a show called "The F Word" which features groups of three people who try and test their skills in one of Gordon's kitchens to see if they are up to the task and inevitably, the resulting abuse that Gordon is famous for. He also does a series where he visits struggling restaurants and attempts to help the owners and employees pull the businesses out of the hole.
Not as interesting, though, as Hell's Kitchen. Although, he did feature "pig slaughtering" just recently, but I think that is a fairly common English practice, given the amount of sausage out here.

Anonymous said...

I love that show and it's coming back next season yay! The way he curses at them is hilarious. They bleep it out of course but you know he's saying fuck! lol Much better than the stupid Trump type reality shows where no one seems real.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice the chefs never wear hair nets when they're in the kitchen! Gross.

Anonymous said...

I never get invited to screening partys! :(

Anonymous said...

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