Monday, August 28, 2006

And the winner for best Margaritas goes

Guilty pleasure time. I went to an Emmy Award viewing party Sunday night, and, can I first just note, I got major kudos for bringing and making the best tropical drink materials. It was hosted by a guy who was actually nominated for an Emmy a few years ago, and he said it is incredibly uncomfortable being in that auditorium for several hours, especially if you end up not winning. But he still loved the whole experience.

I've been to a few awards shows myself (TV and music industry), not as a nominee, just as an attendee, and I have to say, while it does seem somewhat glamorous on TV, it's really pretty tedious, so I can't even imagine being nominated, and then having to sit in the audience for a few hours (you can't really dash back to the bar area if you're nominated), hoping you're going to win, the nerve-wracking anticipation of how it will turn out if you do get up there, or else the brutal letdown if you don't.

Then again, they're getting $50,000 gift bags, so fuck them.

Just a few tipsy thoughts on the show:

I never thought I'd say it, but Joan and Melissa bring just the right level of cluelessness to the pre-show, red carpet festivities. Damn, Ryan Seacrest is a weasel. I've really got to figure out where the TV Guide channel is on Time Warner Cable.

Not to be a home-town booster, but did it seem like the New York contingent (Conan hosting, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert presenting for best reality show, even the taped montage of the nominations for best comedy/variety show, dominated by New Yorkers - how funny was the Indian call center piece) provided some of the funniest parts of the broadcast?

Wow, it's really uncomfortable to see Dick Clark these days, but God bless him for getting out there.

I think they had some sort of special lighting or a Vaseline lens camera whenever they cut to Annette Bening and Warren Beatty.

During the tribute to Aaron Spelling, how weird was it that his daughter, Tori, and wife, Candy, were sitting quite a bit apart in the auditorium. Think there's some battling going on over that ginormous will? Oh, yes.

Larry David should have won.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Why won't this let me comment? For the 3rd time: I watched it too -I was hoping Farah Fawcett was going to do something wacky, but she was actually pretty normal :)

Anonymous said...

Ok never mind they all showed up at the same time. I hate when that happens! lol

Not a hipster said...

Are they going to re-broadcast it at any point? I missed it.

Anonymous said...

not a hipster, I think they may actually be running it tonight on the Bravo cable station that NBC owns, but I don't think they will rerun an awards show on the main NBC channel.

J said...

NAH, l.w.t. nailed it, the Emmys are being rerun on Bravo tonight at, I think, 9 pm. They won't show them again on the broadcast net.

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