Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Nice to see he's got his priorities straight

WASHINGTON, July 19 — President Bush vetoed a bill for the first time today, using his constitutional power to reject legislation passed by Congress that would expand federal research on embryonic stem cells, a step he said would be crossing a “moral line.”

Just lovely. He's been in office for six years (although it seems like 60) and allowed the Republican Congress to pass tax cuts for the wealthy and spending bills up the wazzoo to drive us into deficits, but THIS is the first bill he vetoes.

All so that some goddamn petri dish experiments can't be used for research to help those suffering from Parkinson's, paralysis and God knows what other afflictions.

But as long as the Holy Rollers are kept happy, well, that's the important thing.

On a related note, the House, once again, debated an amendment to ban gay marriage - even though the Senate had already wasted time on it earlier this year and failed to pass it, which meant the House bill would have been meaningless, even if it had passed.

The Middle East is falling apart, but, hey, we gotta keep the religious nuts happy. When Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.), a leader in the move to pass the amendment, was asked about the House wasting time while the world burns, he said: "This is probably the best message we can give to the Middle East in regards to the trouble we are having over there right now."

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people?


l.w.t. said...

Damn we need a revolution and fast to get them out!

memphis red said...

lol be careful jbk that anti-abortion nut who posts here will be after you because those petri dishes are living creatures!!!

megster said...

Stem cells and gays getting married. Lets focus on that instead of the real problems facing this country and this planet. Scary stuff.

lisa said...

What, no flag burning stuff this week too? And did you go out of youre "cave" today JBK? :)~

Anonymous said...

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