Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Leave me alone

My zit shrunk to the size of Massapequa today, from yesterday's Cleveland, so I slunk outside for lunch. There's a new little sushi place that's opened around the corner from me that I've been wanting to try, and, in this heat, cold fish was just what was called for.

The place was absolutely empty, which I love. I could eat, read my Daily News in peace, and not have to listen to annoying chatter or screaming kids in the background. The only downside was, and I don't know if it was because it is brand new, or that I was the only customer, or just the usual Japanese level of politeness and customer care, but the waitress was all over me - topping off my water every time I took a sip, pouring my beer into the glass every chance she could get, scurrying in to take away empty dishes immediately.

It was almost as bad as the opposite extreme, where you don't get service for 10 minutes. But, I have to admit, even though it was somewhat annoying, I prefer this way.

And yes, amazing as it is to contemplate, I can complain about too much service.


Anonymous said...

lol you LOVE to caomplain!

sarah said...

hehe you're such a male yenta sometimes.

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