Friday, July 14, 2006

I feel so suburban

You know, once you do a renovation, it's like an addiction. You want more.

The kitchen is done, and now I want to do something with the bathroom, so I'm going to head over to Home Depot to see what they have and get some ideas.

I also told Corky to meet me for lunch at a nice little sushi place in that neighborhood, but she's working in finance now, and told me to - and I quote - "Go kill yourself."

So surly.

I guess that business suit and those heels are uncomfortable.

That's a shame.


Anonymous said...

lol maybe she likes wearing heels and a suit, some girls do! Did you ever think of that?

Anonymous said...

I love wearing heels! Dont be jealous that we get to dress up! :)

Not a hipster said...

J, do you ever work?

J said...

lol unfortunately Not a Hipster, yes, every day. Fortunately, though, I can do my job from home - all I need is my comp/email/phone. And now with my fab Moto Q I can even email from outside! :) Anyway, it does allow me to take long lunches and the occasional midday jaunt to Home Depot before it gets too crazy busy after everyone else gets out of their offices.

I think you said once you are a nurse, no? I guess that doesn't allow such freedom, but fortunately for the rest of us you and your fellow nurses (sister nurses?) have to be there. See what you get for being compassionate and caring for others!

Not a hipster said...

Not a nurse quite yet, I'm still in nursing school. But you're right, I can't exactly do my job from home (I'm a nursing assistant right now).

Damn that compassion I feel for people....damn it.

How do I get your job? I can throw that useless compassion out the window for a different high paying job that I can do from home. Or, in your case, from lunch while having wine. :)

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