Monday, July 31, 2006

Excuse me, I MUST take this important message from Starfleet Command

Sometimes I am, if nothing else, a tad self-destructive.

As I shamelessly bragged a few weeks ago, I got the Motorola Q, you know the hot new smart phone many covet, so now I can conduct “business on the go.”

(Actually, as an aside, girls covet shoes, bless their cute little hearts. Guys covet the electronic stuff.)

Well, now I can surf the Web or take care of email from anywhere (granted, the thought of being able to email while enjoying fish and chips and Guinness at a bar pleased me to no end). And I always have a video cam on me now, in case, you know, there's breaking news I want to shoot and sell to a TV outlet (yeah, whatever). The Q's also got a not-bad-for-a-phone 1.3 megapix still cam. It's even sporting an MP3 player for those annoying train rides.

Anyway, it really is designed to be a great business tool.

And so what do I do with it? I set the home screen picture to Stewie, the evil baby on Family Guy. My ringer is the theme from Austin Powers. And my text message notifier is Lt. Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation, saying, “Captain, incoming message” amidst the sounds of phasers.

Oh yes, all very businesslike. If I ever forget to set it to vibrate when I'm at a meeting and it goes off, it will be just a wee bit mortifying.


Anonymous said...

hehe you're like a little brat sometimes! :)

Anonymous said...

And DON'T say that hot plate line, it's so annoying!

Not a hipster said...

I LOVE Stewie. For some reason, I never watched "Family Guy" when it was on TV. When my husband had surgery last year, my brother brought those DVD's to watch so I didn't bang my head against the wall crying, waiting for him to come out of surgery. I've since finished watching all of the seasons on DVD, and I'm so excited for more.

Once the episode I was watching was so damn funny, I woke Andy up at 1 am to come watch the scene.

Anonymous said...

How did you get the Lt. Worf thing for your text message sound?

J said...

Cat, I actually had that on my old phone and transferred it over to this one. I d/l it from one of those midi sites a couple years ago, but I'm sorry I don't know which one. Try a Google and you might find it.

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