Thursday, July 20, 2006

The beer of kings

Is there anything better than walking up First Ave and seeing a previously unvisited bar with a sign out front saying "Beat the Heat - Pints of Stella $2"

No there is not, if I may answer my own question.

I just spent a delightful few hours quaffing delicious yet reasonably priced imported beer and flirting with one of the most adorable bartenders I have ever seen.

Of course the mood was ruined when her thuggish boyfriend showed up at about 4 pm. How some of these cute-as-a-button girls end up with these knuckledraggers, I just don't know.



Anonymous said...

heh we just like to torture you!

Anonymous said...

Hey I love Stella Atros too, and don't forget we also like the "bad" boy who treats us like that. it's stupid I know but what can I say. It gives you more to wonder about :)

Not a hipster said...

Jenn, it's Stella Artois. :)

Anonymous said...

It IS good! I just call it Stella if I order it at a bar coz I was never really sure of the last part either lol. Where is it from does anyone know? It can't be American.

Anonymous said...

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