Thursday, June 22, 2006

They better not roll over on this one

There has been much chortling in the right-wing ranks about division among Democrats over the disastrous war in Iraq, with politicians and conservative media figures noting the "disarray" amnong Democrats, some who don't want to make any noises about getting U.S. troops out, some wanting an immediate pullout, and some wanting to at least start planning a timeline for withdrawl.

The Senate voted today on two Democratc war measures, defeating both of them.

But, as Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del) said: "There is some disagreement in the Democratic Party," he said. "The Republicans are totally united in a failed policy. Let me say it again: the Republicans are totally united in a failed policy."

Biden is right. It's time for the Democrats to point out that the Republican "plan" is to just blindly go along with Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, no matter the debacle this unnecessary war has become, no matter how many thousands of U.S. troops are being killed, maimed and wounded, no matter it's making us more vulnerable to terror.

There's already signs that Karl Rove and his minions will be using the war in the midterm election to paint the Dems as somehow weak on defense. The phrase "cut-and-run" has been bandied about lately by Republicans and the hatemongers on talk radio.

The Democrats damn well better start fighting back on this issue. When it comes to gutter politics, the Republicans are masters.


Anonymous said...

I dont think the Democrats will ever realize how low the Republicans will stoop. And until they learn to play as nasty it doesnt matter that the issues are on their sides. Thats my 2 cents anyway!

Anonymous said...

never happen!

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