Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Then they'll play Boggle

The Republican insistence on wasting time and energy on useless bills continues apace.

What must their caucus meetings be like? "Ok, let's look at our agenda, boys. Debate constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage - check. Constitutional amendment to ban flag burning - check. Plan for Iraq debacle - no. Plan for solving nation's energy crisis - nope. Save New Orleans - nah. We've got to to do something else. Oh, I know. Let's attack The New York Times."

Yes, now the House Republicans are expected to introduce legislation today to condemn The Times for publishing a story exposing secret government monitoring of banking records.

Like the gay marriage and the flag burning silliness, it will go nowhere and mean nothing. But it's guaranteed red meat to the right-wingers, who see "liberal bias" in the media, with The Times being ground zero. (And the fact that the paper is owned by a buncha Jews, well that's just a wonderful bonus to rile up the GOP base).

And after all, isn't that what's important? Isn't that what the nation's legislative body should be doing? Why should they waste time by actually doing the nation's business and trying, you know, to help people. Much better they spend countless hours, not to mention our tax dollars, debating meaningless legislation that solves not one problem facing this country today.


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Anonymous said...

haha maybe its better they waste their time doing stupid things, instead of passing bills that will really do damage!

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