Wednesday, June 28, 2006

That's a shame

The women on the View are fighting. Apparently Barbara Walters was surprised by Star Jones' on-air announcement that she is leaving/being fired from the show:

Walters said ABC network chiefs had decided last fall not to renew Reynolds' contract because its research showed that Reynolds' dramatic weight loss and 2004 wedding to banker Al Reynolds had turned viewers off. Reynolds had been criticized for a Web site that promoted companies that donated items for the wedding party's gift bags.

"We tried to talk them out of it," Walters said, "and we tried to give Star time to redeem herself in the eyes of the audience, and the research just kept getting worse."

Reynolds' spokesman, Brad Zeifman, said the announcement had always been planned for this week. Because of all the speculation, Reynolds was compelled to tell viewers, he said.

Such a pity Star couldn't handle this with the class she was renowned for.


Anonymous said...

hehe how long do you give the Star Jones Reynold marriage now that's she no longer on a TV show?

Anonymous said...

I think it was the wedding not the weight loss that made people hate her! She's a millionaire yet all she was doing was begging for free stuff for her ghastly wedding for months at a time and then bragging about what she got. I received some help from my parents, but Tom and I basically had to pay for our wedding ourself.

Not a hipster said...

You can watch the video of Barbara talking about it on today's show.

I've never liked Star, and she started showing us how trashy she was by begging for free stuff for her wedding, and just solidified that idea when she started harping about this. I think Barbara did a great job handling it.

Anonymous said...

That marriage was a sham! Now that she doesnt have a TV show and will stop getting invited to parties and premeires he's going to dump her in a heartbeat!

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