Monday, June 05, 2006


There's an interesting article in The Times about Jennifer Aniston's career and the opportunities she has squandered, appearing in several bombs instead of becoming a respected film actress, which she was on the verge of doing. It includes this note in a discussion about her infamous split with Brad Pitt and supposed relationship now with Vince Vaughn:

The relationship with Mr. Vaughn itself may have cost Ms. Aniston sympathy. In terms of her image it doesn't even matter if that relationship exists; the public believes it does. And while replacing Mr. Pitt with a new trophy guy would have seemed like vindication for the wounded princess, instead she has reached beneath her on the celebrity food chain. Mr. Vaughn seems smarter than his on-screen persona, and his mega-hit "Wedding Crashers" gave him some Hollywood clout. Still, nobody says, How did she get him? Just the opposite.

I have to admit, I did think that too


Anonymous said...

Aww I like Vince Vaughn.

Anonymous said...

Vince Vaugh is cute but she defintiley traded down from Brad Pitt :)

Anonymous said...

Aggrrgh why wont it let me comment - what I wanted to say is don't forget jbk that girls are less likely to be as shallow as guys in regard to their boyfriends or husbands physical appearance, so she could bve very happy with Vince instead of Brad Pitt!

Anonymous said...

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