Thursday, June 08, 2006

Like crabs, they will be back

Even though the Senate voted down the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage (the House is still to vote on it), this issue isn't going away. Not, reports The Times, as long as the Republicans have any power:

Though some Republicans have suggested that the Senate would be better served politically by focusing on issues that voters see as more pressing, the author of the amendment said he did not see it that way.

"If it's up to me," that senator, Wayne Allard of Colorado, said, "we'll have a vote on this issue every year. I think it's important to the American people."

And while Iraq continues to fester, gas prices are sky high, 45 million Americans don't have health care, and New Orleans remains a disaster zone, the GOP is busily working on other presing issues, such as a constitutional amendment to ban flag burning. Truly disgusting.

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Anonymous said...

Bread and circuses my friends, bread and circuses.

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