Thursday, June 15, 2006

Can we put them in charge of FEMA?

Sometimes Amazon is amazing.

My printer was starting to die on me, so yesterday I was looking for a new one, and saw a nice HP multi-purpose on Amazon for $149. It's pretty cool, a color printer-copier-fax-scanner all in one. I can open my own little Kinko's here. (Except, I'll call it Kinky's of course - hey, you've been a great audience).

Anyway, my doorman buzzed me a little while ago. The UPS guy had just dropped it off.

And the amazing thing is, I ordered it with the supersaver free delivery option. No delivery charge, and they said it would arrive around June 20. There actually is an expedited shipping option, 2-4 days delivery for $15. If I had ordered that, it probably wouldn't have got here for at least two days - instead, it came overnight for free.

I just checked the UPS tracking thing on the Net. It was picked up from HP in Secaucus, NJ, last night at 9 pm. Left UPS Secaucus at 2 am, arrived at UPS in The Bronx at 3 am. Left The Bronx for delivery this morning at 5 am, and arrived at chez jbk an hour ago. Pretty cool.

By the way, if anyone from Amazon is reading this, don't get too puffed up. I've had a Louis Armstrong box set on order since May 12. The damn thing still hasn't been shipped.

But kudos on the printer delivery.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like UPS did as much as Amazon to get it there so fast. Good luck with Kinkys though! :)

pilgrimchick said...

Yes, Amazon leaves much to be desired sometimes. I ordered something with them a LONG time ago and they keep sending me e-mails about how they need another 4 to 6 weeks to find my item they advertised they HAD. Thanks for reminding me to cancel that promptly.

Just recently, I ordered a backpack with wheels on it for a short trip. It said "overnight delivery" and charged me a considerable fee for it. However, I still hadn't received the backpack by the time I had to leave, which was four days later.

Congrats on your recent good luck with shipping--I am envious.

Anonymous said...

It's hit or miss with Amazon. It depends on what you are ordering, and when it can leave the company that makes it because Amazon doesn't have all those products sitting around a warehouse somewhere. With electronics like your printer they can ship those out pretty fast and you were lucky to live near the company, but something like clothes or CDs often take a long time. I ordered a pair of jeans once through Amazon and it took about 3 weeks for them to come. I could have got them the same day if I went into the store (but they were 40 percent cheaper:)

Anonymous said...

slskenyon, I've had that happen too from Amazon where they keep sending emails saying the shipment is delayed and to click if it's ok to ship later. The first few times I did it, after the third email saying the order was still delayed I relaized it wasn't coming ever and I canceled. So frustrating!

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