Monday, May 22, 2006

Then he hurried home to watch "Anal Bandits 5"

Daily News gossip Lloyd Grove is reporting that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was heard expressing support for George Bush to the miserable failure's sister, Dora Bush Koch, at a book party.

"We have to pray for your brother. He's in real trouble," Thomas told a wide-eyed Koch, whose older brother is, indeed, suffering from near-catastrophic public-opinion ratings."

Isn't that lovely.

First of all, who the hell cares about any prayer from this perv who lied about sexually harassing Anita Hill, to get his lifetime spot on the high court. Not to mention, the bastard's porn collection is probably bigger than, well, mine.

But considering he was one of the justices who voted to steal the election from Al Gore and present it to Boy George, he really ought to keep his goddamned mouth shut in public about his support for the man who has ruined our economy, degraded the environment and thrown us into a debacle of a war that has stripped this country of any moral high grounds in the eyes of the world.


Anonymous said...

Clarence "Uncle" Thomas does whatever Scalia tells him to do he's a pathetic figure.

Anonymous said...

I haven't even seen Anal Bandits 1-4 :)

Anonymous said...

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