Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Now if she can only talk to W. about Iraq

Is there trouble in TomKat paradise? Jeannette Walls on MSNBC says yes:

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes reportedly got into a big fight — that ended with Holmes deciding to take baby Suri to Ohio to introduce the infant to family and friends. Tom, who is rumored to have a rocky relationship with Holmes’ parents, won’t be joining them, according to Life & Style Weekly.


The episode, however, may be giving Holmes second thoughts. A “confidant” of hers told the mag: “Katie’s very unhappy and beginning to realize she may have made a major mistake being with Tom.”

Gee, ya think?


veganerd said...

all because of the scientology deal i hear. it will be just plain nifty when people start realizing that all religions are just as crazy as scientology.

Anonymous said...

Yep, all religions are wacked up, but Scientology really goes beyond the pale, from some of the stuff I've read about it. And Tom seems like a control freak no matter what religion he is. If Katie is smart she will stay in Ohio for a while and plan an escape strategy! :)

Anonymous said...

Poor Katie, she used to look so cute and bubbly. I bet if we see her in a few years she's going to look drained and empty. Nicole Kidman was smart - she got out of there before he made her have kids with him.

Anonymous said...

lwt - I thought Tom and Nicole did have kids when they were married?

Anonymous said...

smooshie I may be wrong here but I think they adopted when they were together. I don't think either wanted to have sex with the other from what I always heard.

Anonymous said...

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