Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Karma is a bitch

Leave it the New York Post, but this is cruel. Delicious but cruel.

STAR Jones Reynolds has been told to hitch up her hefty wagonload of freebies and waddle off into the sunset, sources say.

ABC will announce this week that the big-boned talking head is out at "The View," a source close to the inner workings of the late-morning gabfest tells Page Six. What network brass won't say is that she's being unceremoniously ousted at the direct behest of the show's grand dame Barbara Walters and the incoming Rosie O'Donnell.

"It was always Rosie's condition of joining the show, and Barbara agreed to those conditions from the outset," our source said. The network and Jones are now concocting a face-saving scenario in which Jones will be touted as moving on to pursue important new projects.

Big-boned? Heh.

I watched the beginning of the show today to see if they would say anything about this, but they didn't. Although Star was very subdued.

They did, however, yammer on about the David Blaine stunt last night, where he emerged from the big giant fishbowl, and almost - gasp - drowned. Puh-lease.

My friend Velma wanted to go over to Lincoln Center last night to see it live and in person, but I refused. Although I probably should have went so I could sell those suckers in the crowd some swamp land in Florida.


Anonymous said...

I went last night JK! It was boring.

Anonymous said...

anonymous I went too but we couldnt even get in there were so many people lining up at the back of Lincoln Center to get into the plaza that the wait was crazy. We left.

pilgrimchick said...

It was even on TV out here in England--a mention this afternoon on the news. Amazing that's what gets covered when there is a whole country, not to mention continent, out here to talk about...

Anonymous said...

Damn, that's amazing they even know who David Blaine is in England. We barely know him in Oregon. At least I barely do - maybe he's really famous and I'm just out of it! lol

Anonymous said...

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