Sunday, May 21, 2006

And then I gave thanks to baby Jesus

Ahh Sunday, a relaxing day for meditation and contemplation and praying to God, because you all know how religious I am.

Well, actually, I wound up at the Church of Dangling Bras. I had brunch today downtown with a couple of buds and then we wandered around the meatpacking district for a while, and it started to rain, so we had to find shelter. Somehow, we wound up at Hogs & Heffers.

Yes, even at 3 pm on a Sunday, I was pleased to discover there were girls dancing on the bar (not these particular girls, this is just a file photo).

But that's why I love this dirty town so much.


Anonymous said...

hehe perv with your girls on bars fixation!!!!

Anonymous said...

How can people be so drunk at 3:00???

Anonymous said...

lol never mind the dancing - did breasts make an appearance? Thats the key thing to bar dancing!

Anonymous said...

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