Thursday, April 27, 2006

When does the revolution start?

Have you seen this “Super Sweet 16” show that airs periodically on MTV? It's the one where these rich fucks get thrown ridiculously over-the-top 16th birthday or graduation parties, doted on by too-stupid and too-rich-for-their-own-good parents.

The parties cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, feature the kids making grand entrances, as if they were famous or royalty, and usually always contain a scene where the kid is arguing with their parents, bitching about not getting enough, or being pleasantly surprised by a REALLY ridiculous gift.

It's best seen, in a Times article about the show, in a segment featuring Texas sisters of Indian parentage:

“Their Bollywood-themed party for 500 guests will be held in the family's backyard — all 4½ acres, behind the 10,000-square-foot house. The Format, their favorite band, will perform. And they will make their grand entrance on litters, during an elaborate procession led by elephants. The sisters, who plan to perform a choreographed routine at their to-do next month, are also taking dance lessons, and they've enlisted the help of a trainer.

"We both want to lose three pounds," said Priya, who received a Mercedes convertible and an assortment of diamond jewelry for her birthday. Her sister's graduation gift package included a Bentley, diamonds and two homes in India.

"I was really surprised," Divya said, "because I was only expecting a Bentley and one house."

Just last month they gave a preparty where invitations to their coming event were handed out by body builders whom Priya ordered not to smile. "Assistants are not supposed to smile," she explained."

You know, it's always a nice surprise when you're only expecting one home and get a second one too.

All the kids featured on the show are, needless to say, incredibly spoiled brats, invariably obnoxious (especially the girls, for some reason) and very shallow.

But, they are also 16-years-old, and they really don't seem to know any better.

The parents are the fucktards here, to allow this to happen, to encourage it, in fact, and to instill this type of value system in their offspring.

Listen, part of this is probably just seething envy that I didn't get a Bentley and a home when I turned 16 (although I'm not sure I would want one in India, but, you know, I wouldn't have said no to a little place in Vegas), but really, not only do they act like this, it's even worse that they enjoy having the world see it on MTV.

It really does epitomize the era of Bush: the super rich gets theirs, and everyone else can eat a little bit of cake.


Anonymous said...

ohmygod every time I see that show I want to slap those girls! They are the worst brats, and they way they lord it all over their "friends" is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

lol I got a backyard pool party with an actual d.j. and an ice cream stand for my 16th and was thrilled to get it!

Anonymous said...

The kids on that show are going to be the most horrible adults because look at what they were bought up like. They expect everything handed to them on a silver platter, and if they dont get exactly their way they will whine and moan and throw a tantrum. Can you imagine either having one work for you or even worse to work for one as a boss one day?

Anonymous said...

I know people like those kids, and they are obnoxious and people kiss their ass because they're filthy rich. I find it repulsive!

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