Thursday, April 27, 2006

I love having the gals fight over me

About a year ago, I switched from Time Warner Cable to RCN, because they were offering a special promotional price on the bundled package, where you get phone, Internet and cable TV service.

That promotion ended last month and the bill shot up about $30 a month, so, of course, I switched back to Time Warner, because they had a good offer to lure me back, and also, I sort of missed NY1, the 24-hour New York cable news channel, which is a Time Warner station, so doesn't air on RCN cable.

I just got a call from "Becky" from RCN asking what she can do to lure me back. (And, no, I didn't make any lewd suggesions). Anyway, I kvetched a little about their prices, and played hard to get, I'm very happy with TW, yadda, yadda - and she practically begged me to reconsider. Then said she was going to draw up a special price plan and email it to me and if I go back they will make it worth my while.

Competition is good.


Anonymous said...

You're lucky you have 2 cable companies that compete. We only have Comcast here and they SUCK!

Anonymous said...

hehe when I saw the head line I thought it was going to be about a real catfight. Too bad! :)

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