Sunday, April 02, 2006

F-me pumps at brunch?

When I go to brunch, I tend to dress casually. Unless I'm going someplace particularly nice for a special occasion, a Water Club, say, I like to be comfy - khakis or Levis, sneakers or boat shoes.

Today, my friend Sarah and I went to E.J.'s on the East Side for a casual brunch, and, as usual, they were lined up waiting to get in. And, milling around on 3rd Avenue, was a gaggle of girls (flock of girls? school of girls?) who looked like they were on their way to go clubbing. Without fail, every one of them was in expensive designer jeans and spiked heels. And I mean high and spiked.

Are those things comfortable? From the usual complaining I hear from girls about their feet killing them, I can't believe they are.

But here this was this pride of girls, five of them, all doing their best Carrie Bradshaw.

To go to E.J.'s!

I just can't figure girls out sometimes.


Anonymous said...

JBK we still want to look good even if it's only at brunch, but yeah heels can be painful sometimes if you don't get the right ones!

Anonymous said...

come on, you know you like seeing it!

Anonymous said...

Unless I'm going somewhere nice, on weekends for brunch I'm in sneakers or flip flops. No heels here. I have to wear them 5 days a week for work and I cant wait to get them off.

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