Monday, April 17, 2006

Did they finally run out of swamp land in Florida to sell?

I take a back seat to no one in my love of animals. In fact, I like many animals better than I like many people, who, let's face it, can be annoying as fuck.

But, sometimes, even I just have to shake my head.

I had one of my periodic bouts of insomnia last night, so there I was at 3 am, flipping through the channels looking for something to watch. (And couldn't find a damn thing, by the way, even though the cable starts at NY1 and goes up to something like ch. 1926, including every goddamn movie station, all their multiple feeds and on-demands, etc. I ended up watching “Sex and the City” on HBO, because, you know, sometimes you get to see Kristin Davis' boobs).

Anyway, I digress. So, I'm flipping and come upon this late-night commercial for something called Doggie Steps. Have you seen these ads?

They are little 3-step stairways that look like they're about a foot wide, and, apparently, they sell them to people whose dogs are too small or too arthritic to be able to jump or climb.

And they show footage of dogs merrily prancing up these little stairways to get on beds or in cars.

I mean, jeezus

First of all, if you love your dog so much, and you allow him to sleep on your bed, just pick the damn pooch up and put him there. And is it really that convenient to lug this “stairway” outside to the driveway to get him in the car? Can that actually be somehow easier than picking him up?

And evidently there is a whole Coke-Pepsi rivalry thing going on in the highly competitive and no doubt cut-throat doggie steps industry. This ad said their product was much cheaper than others that sell for $100! And, of course, in typical late-night commercial spiel, it said if you order one, you get a second free, just pay shipping and handling (which is probably a hundred bucks anyway). But, hey, you can never have too many doggie steps, I guess.

I don't know which is sadder - that there are people gullible enough to spend money on these silly things, or that there are companies greedy enough to take their money?


Anonymous said...

lol - they must be making a ton of money because those doggy steps commercials run ALL THE TIME every night!

Anonymous said...

Kristin Davis? Are you out of your mind? She has no boobs!

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