Friday, March 10, 2006

Where are the goddamn angry women?

To all you moderate Republicans out there who thought: “W ain't so bad, he's not so right-wing as some of them,” well, as I tried to say to some of my friends who don't really follow politics that much - when you vote for a President, you are really voting for his Supreme Court nominees.

And that's where the real damage is done.

Because those guys (sometimes gals, but usually guys) will be on that bench for decades. It's a lifetime appointment. And Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia will be there for a long time. And now, thanks to Bush and the GOP congress, John Roberts and Samuel Alito will be there for years and years and years and years.

And they are the ones who will be voting on all sorts of cases, including Roe. And let's be clear here, folks, Roe's days are numbered.

State by state they are chipping away. And women no longer will get to decide if they will put their bodies through nine months of pregnancy. Then childbirth. Then supporting that child for many years thereafter.

They will be told, by the state, sorry – it's no longer your choice. We control your uterus.

In South Dakota they just decided that, even if a woman is the victim of rape or incest, she can't get an abortion. And now Tennessee has voted to amend the state's constitution to no longer guarantee a woman's right to an abortion.

It's pretty scary to me that we are living in a country that will do this.

And my body is never going to be commandeered by the government to do something I don't want to do. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why women are not rising up en masse to scream - STOP!

But I hope they eventually will. I hope they will make their voices felt in the 2006 congressional elections - and certainly in the 2008 presidential election.

When you vote for President it matters a hell of a lot beyond the foreign and economic and environmental policies.

Bill Clinton vetoed the anti-choice bills sent to him by a GOP Congress. A Republican president will not.

I would really like to see some goddamn angry women speaking out these days.


Not a hipster said...

JBK, I thought for sure you would have posted something about Matt Dubay by now. He's a Michigan man (and I use "man" loosely) that is suing his ex-girlfriend to get out of paying child support. She refused to have an abortion, so he feels he shouldn't have to support the child in any way. The National Center for Men has been looking for a man willing to participate in this suit since the early 1990's. It's pathetic.

I called his spokesperson yesterday, you can read the conversation on my blog, the post called "I wonder how many angry phone calls they're getting." An update is above that.

One of the questions I asked him, "If you were to gather more men for your lawsuit, and one of them is in South Dakota, how would you respond to the woman in South Dakota right now facing an unplanned pregnancy in a state where she cannot get an abortion, but she would be faced with raising a child without financial support from the father?"

It's terrifying that if right-wing men get the control that they're drooling all over themselves to have, women could be faced with NO choices at all.

J said...

Unfortunately I've been crazy busy on a work prjoect for the last week or so, so posting has been a little sporadic, but hopefully back to normal next week, and I honestly hadn't heard of this case until I read your post not a hipster - and nice job too, you actually did some real reporting and not just ranting and raving as I do. That case and that "men's" group is pathetic. I doubt the case will go anywhere, but just the fact that they are trying it is sick. I honestly don't know how you women deal with men - they are disgusting. I would SO be a lesbian if I was female! :)

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else read The Handmaids Tale in school? I though it was sort of silly when I read it, but now it seems we're moving toward that world which is scary as hell.

Anonymous said...

jbk you say get angry but what are we supposed to do? What can we do? I don't even know what to do with all this happening!

Anonymous said...

i feel safe living in NY and there are other states like us that wont ban abortion, but I feel really sorry for women who live in those states that will. If they don't have the resources to travel, they are in trouble.

Anonymous said...

lulu you asked what are we supposed to do? Here's a suggestion - don't get pregnant unless you know you want a baby and to bring a precious life into this world. As always, I see the whining from your side as to poor us, look how inconvenienced we are going to be. Never once do I hear you wonder about what happens to that baby who did not ask to be created.

Anonymous said...

No, here's a suggestion for you bally107 - why don't you ask yourself what happens if a woman is raped in South Dakota. She didn't ask to bring a "precious" life into the world. Should she still be forced to have a baby from a rapist? Or never mind rape, how about a women whose birth control fails and she gets accidently pregnant? Maybe she can't afford a baby. Should she still not have an option? You make it sound as if every woman who gets pregnant is just running around sleeping with men and not worrying what happens. Be real.

Anonymous said...

lulu one thing to do is make sure your congressman and senators knows how mad you are at what's happening, and most importantly make sure you vote for congress and senators and presidents who will not take away your right to choose!

Not a hipster said...

Ah, Bally, welcome back. I thought you had fallen off the face of the earth. No such luck huh? (haha just kidding, don't freak out on me.) Bally, this goes back to the question I previously asked you that you chose to ignore. I figured that's why you disappeared, just like you did when I proved you wrong about Pat Robertson--you ignored the post and didn't comment for awhile until the subject was changed.

So I'll ask you again...if a father in South Dakota rapes his daughter (that happens everyday in America, someone gets molested by their father) and she gets pregnant, you would really think she should have that baby? Um, I don't think so. Because with this law, she would have to. HAVE TO. And that's disgusting.

Don't even TRY to tell me that you would advocate her giving birth to her daughter/sister, or her son/brother. And that's exactly what's wrong with this law, it does not allow for rape and incest.

I'm very pro-choice, but I don't think people go around having abortions like they're doing something as simple as washing their hair: abortion, rinse, repeat.

And if you try to pretend and say that the 13 year old (or the daughter at any age for that matter) should have to give birth, citing adoption, I would bet MY LIFE on the fact that if your husband did that to your daughter, you'd be registering her for an abortion so fast it would make her little head spin.

Still denying abortion rights in these cases? Imagine your dad, whom I sure you love very much, picture his face in your head, then picture him on top of you, raping you. Then tell me you would have his baby. Yeah f-ing right.

Not a hipster said...

I forgot to mention, even Bush thinks abortion is ok in cases of rape and incest.

Anonymous said...

No sorry not a hipster, youre out of luck. I did not fall off the face of the earth, and you have not got rid of me. I just havent seen anything lately I feel I wanted to comment on. I dont really care where jbk goes out drinking every night. But when he starts commenting on abortion and the killing of babies then sorry but I will comment. And I have as much right to as you do. As to your scenario, and I think its very telling that your side always comes up with these bizarre scenarios of fathers raping daughters, I think it shows how weak your argument is. Im sure it happens ocasionally, but the MAJORITY of abortions in this country are not from rape or incest - they are from women who are pregnant and then decide they dont want that baby anymore. But dont try to tell me what I would do in any case if my daughter got pregnant (I dont have a daughter by the way) or some obscene thing about my father. Again, thats how weak your argument is. You have to make up stories instead of answering the ultimate point of abortion - why is the innocent life being snuffed out because of something that happened that is beyond their control? When you or someone on your side can answer that seriously, without coming up with fairy tales about my non-existent daughter or my father then maybe I would take you more seriously.

Not a hipster said...

It's not a fairy tale, nor is it a bizarre scenario. I am very close to someone that has happened to. I know you don't have a daughter, but I am trying to make you realize the horrific, disgusting things that real people face every day. I'm not talking about abortion in general, I am talking about a huge flaw in SD's ban--that it does not include a provision for rape or incest.

You said it yourself--something "beyond their control." Sometimes, it's beyond the woman's control, as well. Like when she's RAPED.

So, Bally, will you finally answer my question? It's not a non-existent fairy tale, because it happens ALL THE TIME, more than you would imagine. Do you think a little girl should have to carry her father's baby after he raped her? Yes or no? And if you are a monster that says she should have to, tell me why.

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