Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What am I, Google?

The Internet is a funny thing. I received a bunch of seemingly out-of-nowhere emails today from people asking me to put up pictures of Michelle DiBenedetti. Now, to be honest, I didn't even recognize the name at first.

It turns out, Michelle is the girl who is the “fit model,” the perfect size 7, who I posted about a while back, in the wake of a Daily News article about her. But I couldn't figure out why these emails were just coming in today.

Well, apparently she had stumbled across the post, and sent a comment into it this morning. Since that original post ran more than a week ago, I hadn't seen her comment today, but some readers (males, of course, need I even say) did, and clicked onto her blog from her name, and were “sad” she didn't have pictures up on it.

Anyway, in her comment, Miss Size 7 noted she is on imdb, which includes pictures, so to calm you down, and to save you the apparently strenuous task of typing the letters imdb, here it is, including a couple of cute photos from Michelle's listing.

(By the way, I notice in her credits, she plays “Flasher” in “The Girl Next Door.” I may just have to watch out for that movie the next time it comes on HBO.)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

lol damn did you see one of the TV shows she was in was called "Twat" ?!?!

Not a hipster said...

I've just realized....Bally hasn't insulted any of us in a really long time. That's so unlike her...I wonder where she went.

Anonymous said...

Haha not a hipster I noticed that too, but I think I figured her out. She only seems to say something when there's an abortion discussion. I saw JBK make a post on something and when I read it I thought - oh boy that will make that crazy woman argue (although I couldnt remember her screenname, but you're right it is bally something?) but now I think she only argues about abortion and doesn't care about pop culture stuff.

Anonymous said...

Cute, and her black and white photos are best, I think.

Michelle DiBenedetti said...

I was edited out of The Girl Next Door but I can be seen on www.mjdhome.com

or visit me on myspace under the search name Michelle Di Benedetti.

Thanks and love to all of you,

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