Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Well, I must be a goddamn general by now

The right-wing chicken hawks, you know, the ones who love to cheer on every military adventure without having ever served a day in uniform themselves, really are the biggest bunch of wusses.

From the Vietnam-era days of Bush and Cheney making a point of not serving in that disastrous war (while, of course, advocating it), to the current crop of tough talking politicians and media figures who love the Iraq war, but, again, don't volunteer for it, the cowardliness and sleaze of these people never ceases to amaze me.

Case in point, right-wing radio host Hugh Hewitt. He's a C-level talk radio buffoon, a Limbaugh wannabe. He usually broadcasts from Los Angeles, but, as blogoland noted, Hewitt traveled all the way to (gasp) New York for a broadcast recently, and conducted a phone interview with Time magazine's Baghdad correspondent Michael Ware.

Hewitt apparently is angry at the work of Ware and his media colleagues stationed in the hellhole that is Baghdad, what, with them reporting on the car bombings and mass killings and civil war and all. Scurrying around town in armed escorts. Not knowing if they are going to be kidnapped and beheaded at any moment, or caught in crossfire, or have their hotel blown up as they sleep at night.

Then, this amazing exchange took place:

MW: Let's look at it this way. I mean, you're sitting back in a comfortable radio studio, far from the realities of this war.

HH: Actually, Michael, let me interrupt you.

MW: If anyone has a right...

HH: Michael, one second.

MW: If anyone has a right to complain, that's what...

HH: I'm sitting in the Empire State Building. Michael, I'm sitting in the Empire State Building, which has been in the past, and could be again, a target. Because in downtown Manhattan, it's not comfortable, although it's a lot safer than where you are, people always are three miles away from where the jihadis last spoke in America. So that's...civilians have a stake in this. Although you are on the front line, this was the front line four and a half years ago.

Huh? What? Hugh, you're actually in NYC? The Empire State Building, no less? Do you have your body armor on? Are you getting danger pay? Damn, you really are at the front lines! What a man!

What a fucking piece of shit.

New Yorkers, who were here on 9-11, and have lived here since, knowing we are a big giant target for any future terror attack, go calmly about our business, enjoying life quite a lot (if I do say so). We eat, we drink, we ride the subways every day, we go out and carouse, we live.

And this little pussy comes to town and whines about how brave he is because he's in midtown Manhattan.

Hey, pal, why don't you slink back to your little protected underground bunker and leave the city to those of us with some balls. (And, of course, I include the girls who live here too without falling apart and getting the vapors. Any one of them could probably kick your flabby ass).

Hugh Hewitt - what a sad little piece of scum. And what a typical right-wing chicken hawk.


Anonymous said...

lol that guy probably wouldnt last 10 minutes in some of the bars on Avenue A never mind in Baghdad!

Anonymous said...

You KNOW I'll kick his ass jbk :)

Anonymous said...

That's typical conservative big brave talk, and they think New Yorkers are "defeatist liberals" but we're braver than these pussys any day!

Anonymous said...

JBK I hope you know there is a concerted effort on among the rightwingers to paint the media as anti-American because they are reporting the daily carnage in Iraq. It's like they try to paint liberals who speak against the war as pro-terrorist, they are trying to do the same now with the media who are just reporting the truth. But these people don't like the truth.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine wanting to be like Rush Limbaugh? Eww. Is the fat or the drug addiction he wants to be like, by the way?

Grande Enchilada said...

JBK: I love it when you are outraged.
Right on!

Your ardent fan,

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