Monday, March 06, 2006

That little filly needs tamed -- and I'm just the guy to do it...grrowlll

Ivanka was on The Apprentice tonight. Yummy.

She's such a blonde, cold, cynical, ice queen.

Me likee.

Although I did likee her better with long hair.

She's sort of my female counterpart, actually -- well, except for that whole billion dollar inheritance thing, I guess. But I would love to tame that little vixen. Oh, and I would tame her, trust me.

Seriously, though, I don't know why I still watch this program. It's the only “reality” show I do watch on a regular basis, and while it's not as phony as the romance shows, it's just about as goofy as the rest of them.

But the group of contestants are usually interesting enough, or cute enough (holllaa back little Stacey) and the scenarios are just bizarre enough that you get caught up. Plus, fuck it, it's Monday night; what the hell else am I going to watch? Two and half men?

This season, I see they've already picked the guy that everyone roots against. Brent, the pudgy lawyer from Fort Lauderdale. The other teammates already hate him, and he does seem a little, what's the word, inappropriate? But, he's not been fired by Trump yet, and this is why you always have to take the whole “reality” tag with a grain of salt.

If you carefully read the disclaimer that scrolls by at the end of the show, you see it says something to the effect that the producers have “consulted” on the outcome, but the final decision is made by The Donald himself.

Well, you just know that the producers are telling him, in that commercial break before the firing: “Ok, Brent is a joke, you would never hire him, but it's good TV to keep him around for a while. People like to watch a train wreck.”

Ahh, what a wonderful business TV is.


Anonymous said...

Ivanka Trump? Please, kidding right? She's nothing.

Anonymous said...

Dude, shes not as hot as Paris Hilton.

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