Wednesday, March 15, 2006

She wanted a salmon the hay

I went to Minado for sushi tonight, and, while it's not Nobu quality, it's not bad. And, hey, it's all-you-can-eat. How can you go wrong? One damn tuna roll at Nobu probably costs the entire meal here.

I was with my friend, “Velma,” (so named because she does the worst impression of Scooby Doo's laugh, which she actually thinks is hilarious, no matter how often I tell her it's just terrible. And she does wear knee-high socks sometimes, which me likee).

Anyway, I don't know if it was all the sushi, but she dirtily suggested that since yesterday was that glorious holiday that I wrote about here, then perhaps today should be proclaimed as the female counterpart (although she said it much more obscenely than that – but this is a family blog). More likely, of course, it was the four little bottles of sake we guzzled down.

But, as I gently reminded her – that's the only special day we guys get designated, so calm the hell down, already. See, we can't even get a special day for ourselves without the gals wanting to horn in on it. The little tarts.

And I can selfishly say those things to Velma and she will laugh, because she's one of that strange species - an ex that I've stayed on good terms with. We went out about three years ago, but we still hang out, go drinking, have movie nights, and, yes, occasionally, er, rendezvous, when we're both single at the same time.

I'm sure just about everyone's been in ex hook-ups, and I'm equally sure they go against everything a relationship expert would say is healthy, about letting go, about making it all about the future not the past. But, the hell with it. At least we each know the other is not a psycho.

And, trust me, those relationship experts haven't a clue about the psycho single girls that roam around New York City, often in packs. The little academic theories don't work so well in this town. Hey, am I right, guys, or what? Okay, that's a rhetorical; I'm a tad buzzed and going to bed now. I don't even have the energy to rant about politics.

Oyasumi nasai.


Anonymous said...

lol - oh please every day is guy's day!:) But I agree, I've hooked up with ex's too. I usually regeret it afterwards, but at least I know them.

Anonymous said...

Did you drink the sake hot or cold? Most people think it should be hot, but did you know that's really not the good stuff, they heat it so you dont taste it!

Anonymous said...

Somehow sushi and that does seem to go together hehehe

Anonymous said...

That's sort of disgusting anonymous!

Anonymous said...

hah - you think the guys aren't psychos too! You should see what it's like on our side jbk.

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