Friday, March 03, 2006


This is how sad the Republican party has become in New York, today. They don't even pretend to address the issues any more, including the empty ones they usually thrive on. They don't bother to speak even the banal platitudes that they usually love to spout, about "family values," or other such nonsense.

No, they admit, it's all about stopping Hillary:

"Either we bog down Hillary Clinton in 2006, in New York, or we give Hillary a free pass, let her build up chips around the country by helping other candidates, and walk out of New York with a big win and become unstoppable for 2008," said Ed Rollins, the Reagan and Perot political adviser, who is helping run Ms. McFarland's nascent bid. "Republicans have to get serious about a challenger to Hillary right now."

What a bunch of slimeballs.

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Anonymous said...

Don'r forget Karl Rove too a few days ago who was being obsessed with Hillary. They are fascinated and scared by her at the same time.

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