Sunday, March 12, 2006

Now THAT'S my type

I think I passed Natalie Portman on Third Avenue today. It was rainy so it was hard to see clearly under the umbrella, but if it wasn't her, it was someone who looked amazingly like her.

She is so much my type, it's not even funny - blazing hot, Jewish, smart (Harvard) and rich. That girl is not a trifecta - she's a quadfecta!


Anonymous said...

lol how many types do you actually have? I've read your blog saying something like 4 different girls are your type!! :)~

Anonymous said...

heh I thought the French newscaster was your type?

Not a hipster said...

JBK, are you Jewish?

J said...

Wow, all so damn nosy - haha.

Ok, yes, nice slice, my “type” perhaps does change once in a while (although the underlying factor, you will note, is consistently hotness). What can I say – I'm pretty fucking shallow.

And yes, anonymous, I still do love that French newscaster, the magnificent Melissa Theuriau

And not a hipster, I'm actually not Jewish, it's just that I've found over the years that, for some reason, when I'm in a good and fun relationship, it has usually been with a Jewish girl; I don't know why? I think it may be because if they are with me it means they also don't take religion very seriously, so I like that.

But, hey, I'm a friend to all. I saw Jamie Lynn-Sigler from the Sopranos at a function last week. She's not Jewish (I think she's actually Cuban). But, damn, she is hot. Now THAT'S my type! :)

Anonymous said...

I've been told I look like Natalie a little - but I didnt go to Harvard and I'm not rich :)

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