Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lara Logan on fire

Lara Logan, war correspondent for CBS News, was on CNN's “Reliable Sources” today from Baghdad and let the administration and its media apologists have it with both barrels. As you may know, Bush, Cheney and their conservative lapdogs are blaming media coverage for the unpopularity of the Iraq debacle.

That's right - it's not the 2300+ and counting American soldiers killed, it's not the bodies of 30 people found beheaded yesterday, it's not the car bombs going off daily. It's the press coverage that has resulted in the war's unpopularity.

Howie Kurtz, (the media critic for CNN and the Washington Post) who often puts GOP talking points into the mainstream, cited right-wing radio host Laura Ingrahm's recent appearance on the “Today Show,” where she said that American reporters should get out and cover the “good” stories in Iraq, instead of being on a “hotel balcony,” and Lara let her have it but good. You can watch her appearance here, posted on the great Crooks & Liars site. (click where it says “video” at the left of WMP and it will play on your Windows Media Player.)

A few years ago, by the way, I was walking up 57th Street and saw a stunning woman outside the CBS Broadcast Center trying to get a cab. I ogled her, of course, but didn't realize until the next day, when she popped up on CBS News, that it had been Lara, in the U.S. for a while, and visiting CBS News HQ.

Now SHE's my type.


Anonymous said...

wow she was great! I'd kill for her cheekbones too:)

Anonymous said...

These people who say the media should cover the good news in Iraq wouldnt last a day there.

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