Monday, March 20, 2006

In-sane (adj.)

One of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different outcomes each time.

The Bush administration certainly seems to manifest some of those tendencies. They repeatedly tell us how great the war in Iraq is going. That it was a great thing that we invaded that country. That it's going to be any day now that the Iraqi army will be able to take over control of the country. That's there's really not a civil war going on. That terrorists haven't flocked to Iraq since Hussein fell, and that the Arab world doesn't really hate us more than ever.

And now, as the Times reports: “On the third anniversary of a war that they once expected to be over by now, President Bush and senior officials argued Sunday that their strategy was working despite escalating violence in Iraq, even as a former Iraqi prime minister once favored by the White House declared that a civil war had already started.”

I don't know if they are delusional and really believe what they say, are liars and hope the American people are stupid, or are clinically insane and hope that, one day, something will somehow change if we just keep doing whatever the hell we are doing there.

But any of these options certainly isn't encouraging.


Anonymous said...

if your taking a vote, I'm going for "liars." Nobody can be that delusional!

Anonymous said...

How about All of the Above for a choice!!

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