Friday, March 24, 2006

I'd be screaming like a little girl

They found a 24-year-old woman who has apparently been held against her will for 10 years by a man who lived just two miles from her house.

The stories about these people who are held captive - yet not really held – fascinate me.

She finally confided to a store owner, but the reports say she had become close to him over an eight-month period. Why did she wait so long?

Remember the Elizabeth Smart case; the little girl from Utah who was apparently kidnapped from her bedroom one night? She just disappeared and was presumed by everyone to be dead. Then she turned up one day and was recognized. But, in all the months she was gone, she had actually been out and about, in fast food restaurants and the like, and never told anyone.

These victims weren't imprisoned, tied up and kept in a basement somewhere. They actually leave the captors' houses and go to public places, but don't tell anyone their plight.

I think most people would be shouting out the first chance they could get, but these abductees don't.

I don't get it. Are they brainwashed? Are they fearful that somehow the kidnappers will hurt or kill them? Are they really being held captive? What am I missing in these stories?

And the media pisses me off when they cover cases like these. They never really go into the back story, or perhaps get an interview with a psychologist to explain the underlying reason for these non-captive captives not telling anyone. Lazy bastards.


Anonymous said...

The Elizabeth Smart story always seemed suspicious to me. I dont know if she was really kidnapped or at least really wanted to be found!

Anonymous said...

hey j. theres this movie that came out years ago - i know my first name is steven. its about a boy who was kidnapped around age 7, and shows his side of life until about age 14. he is brainwashed. by the time he is 14, he slowly has memories creep up on him, he encounters people from his past, starts to remember his real name - hence, the title. it is so interesting. based on a true story. you should see it.

Anonymous said...

My First name is Steven is a great movie. I agree - you should see it jbk. I wonder what has ever happened to that guy, does anyone know? They should do a follow-up. I'd watch it.

Anonymous said...

Well when I read that story it sounds like this girl willingly went to live with this guy when she was 14. So I don't think she was really being held captive. It sounds like she ran away and then decided to get out of it by saying she was being held against her will. This is a very suspicious case if you ask me!

Not a hipster said...

Nice slice, the follow up story is not happy. Steven Stayner was killed in a motorcycle accident, and his brother Cary was a serial killer that killed four women in the Yoesmite area.

Remember back in 99, the story about the murders of Carole Sund, her daughter Juli, and Juli's friend Silvina Pelosso? Cary was the man that killed them, along with one other woman.

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