Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I think I need a damn Tampon now

One of the Bobbsey Twins came over Tuesday for pizza and movie night - my friend, Lisa, who actually is a twin. When I first met her and her sister, I would call them Mary-Kate and Ashley, but they HATE the Olsens, so now I call them the Bobbseys, which they also hate, of course, but not quite as much.

Anyway, one of the movies she insisted on watching was “You've Got Mail,” which she had only seen part way on TBS once, and wanted to see the whole thing. I had never seen it at all, and, I swear, I could actually feel the testosterone drain from my body as the movie progressed.

I like both Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, but, jeezus, this was the ultimate definition of a “chick flick.” The cloying little voice-overs when they read their emails, the cute meeting, the cute feuding, the cute getting together finale. And when Meg said, “I was hoping it was you,” I think that's when I burst out laughing and cursing, much to the chagrin of Lisa, who, at that point, was trying not to tear up.


I insisted on watching “Hollow Man,” next, knowing she hates sci-fi, but, hey, I needed some explosions, and, more important, needed to punish her.

Ok, I probably don't have the whole sacrifice-for-a-friend concept down quite yet.


Anonymous said...

That was a cute movie but they were actually better in Sleepless in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad Tom didn't do When Harry Met Sally with Meg, then they would have had a great trilogy.

Anonymous said...

Nice slice, Billy Crystal was so good in Harry met Sally. It wouldn't have been as good a film I think with Tom, who I love too, but that's my opinion.

Anonymous said...

JBK you should feel good that you let your friend watch a movie she wanted to see. But it probably is pretty safe to call that one a chick flick! :)~

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