Friday, March 10, 2006

I survived!

I had to go to a work-related thing Thursday in that state I so love to tease - New Jersey. And, after it was over, we went to get some food and drinks.

It was decent food (I had some good chicken parm) and, hey, Jack Daniels is Jack Daniels no matter where you are.

But, I have no clue what the place we went to was called, and, to be honest, I don't even know the fucking town I was in at that point.

But it had a great view of the Manhattan skyline. (One of the major benefits of being in N.J.)

I was just trusting the people I was with, and figuring I probably wasn't going to be thrown in a land fill in the Meadowlands, because, let's face it, the one state that can make New Yorkers nervous is the Garden State.


Anonymous said...

lol stop it NJs not that bad and why is this not letting me write a comment? I tried before. Are you stopping that jbk?

Anonymous said...

Were you at the Quays by any chance?

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