Friday, March 17, 2006

I hear the call of the loon

I'm on the Upper East Side, not far from where the big St. Patty's Day parade ends on 86th street, and chez jbk is high above the street, yet I can already hear drunken sounds of revelry outside. It's like the call of the drunken wild.

And I'm heading into midtown to meet some buds for “lunch” - yeah, like I would touch that corned beef they serve in bars today. More likely I will get my nutrients from amber waves of grain and barley and hops.

So Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. It's not quite Steak and a Blowjob Day (what is?), but it's got to be one of the top holidays – behind Thanksgiving and Christmas, but ahead of Lent and Lag Ba'Omer.


Anonymous said...

How do you even know about Lag BaOmer? And I wonder where you wound up tonight because you seem to be very quiet hehe:)

Anonymous said...

jbk where are you? did you survive St Patrick's Day? lol

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