Friday, March 31, 2006

Can you hear me now?

Another beautiful day in the city, another delightful lunch. I found a new little place that has just opened up in Yorkville called Genesis. It's strange - this particular location has went through about 5 establishments in the last 3 years. I don't know what it is about certain spaces that just seems to make them jinxed. There are quite a few bars/restaurants within a two-block radius that have been there for years. It's weird how some make it, and some, which seem perfectly fine, on a par with any in the area, just never catch on.

This new place had a comfortable atmosphere, and the food - pub grub, but probably a cut above standard bar fare - was pretty good. This one might last.

And my friends never disappoint. When I sent them cam-phone pictures of the tasty Stella I was drinking, they, without exception, responded with jealous text messages. I love to push buttons, and not just on my phone.


Anonymous said...

You got me as I was eating a tasteless wrap. Bastard.

Anonymous said...

I was having raw broccoli and Mountian Dew. I was also sitting at my desk, like a mule. I would have been jealous of toast at that point.

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