Sunday, March 19, 2006

Can we at least call it a George Horse?

I woke up in screaming agony today, and it wasn't because some hot little blonde was attaching nipple clamps.

It was a charley horse. Damn those are painful. It was in my left leg and I lay whimpering like a baby for a couple minutes before I could even try to get up.

Since it was one of those that struck while I was sleeping not exercising, I couldn't even figure out what caused it, so I paid a little visit to Google, and, while I like to blame George Bush for the troubles we face, in this case, it turns out it may be Jack Daniels' fault.

Apparently, one of the causes of these muscle spasms is dehydration or a mineral imbalance. Which, of course, happens if you imbibe the night before.

This site says, “The pain can be severe and debilitating.” No, shit.

This site recommends drinking water for the dehydration, or even taking a Tums for the minerals before going to bed.

Of course, it would make more sense just not to imbibe, so that's also an option to consider. Yes, it is.


Anonymous said...

jbk - Gatorade is also good for the dehydration AND the mineral losses!

Anonymous said...

Oh, heaven forbid you stop "imbibing."

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