Thursday, March 23, 2006

Another Bush foreign policy success story

The government we put into place in Afghanistan after the Taliban was toppled is now threatening to kill a citizen who converted to Christianity.

As the Times reports, “Afghan prosecutors have requested the death penalty for the 41-year-old convert, Abdul Rahman. Mr. Rahman told a preliminary hearing in Afghanistan last week that he converted to Christianity about 15 years ago while working with a Christian aid group helping refugees. When he recently sought custody of his children from his parents, family members reported his conversion.

Prosecutors have described Mr. Rahman as a "microbe" and said conversion is illegal under Islamic law. Conservative Afghan religious leaders dominate the country's courts and prosecutorial offices, but Afghanistan's American-backed constitution guarantees freedom of religion.”

That's strange. I could have swore I heard Bush, Cheney and Condi assuring us that bringing democracy to these Islamic countries was going to solve all our problems, and people will live in freedom, and, you know, we can open a McDonald's there.

Word is that pressure is being put on Afgahnistan's president to interfere in this case, and there will likely be some sort of deal made, the guy will be declared insane, or some such thing, and so not executed. But, what a mess.

And meanwhile, Iraq, that other great Bush success story, is of course sinking daily into a deadly religious conflict, with warring sects killing each other, and where Sharia, the Muslim fundamentalist rule, will be followed, just like in Afghanistan, no doubt.

Is there anything Bush touches that doesn't turn into a disaster?

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