Sunday, February 05, 2006

R.I.P. Betty Friedan

Hey, I love the pretty girls, no question about it, and Betty Friedan, who died Saturday, was not at all a pretty girl, by any standard definition of the word. But, with the publication of her book, ''The Feminine Mystique,'' she was a major player in the evolution that made it much easier and accepted for women to become more than just the dutiful little stay-at-home housewife that once was all they could hope to be.

As A.P says in its obit: “Few books have so profoundly changed so many lives as did Friedan's 1963 best seller. Her assertion that a woman needed more than a husband and children was a radical break from the Eisenhower era, when the very idea of a wife doing any work outside of house work was fodder for gag writers, like an episode out of ''I Love Lucy.''

I like pretty, but I also like smart and articulate and independent women, and Friedan played a huge role in making that the norm now, at least in much of the country. So even if some of the women enjoying that freedom don't appreciate where it came from (cough: Ann Coulter), peace out, Betty.


Anonymous said...

Betty Friedan and skinny fashion models, what doesn't compute here?

Anonymous said...

You're such a hypocrite, you would give anything to be with Ann Coulter and you would be repulsed to be with Betty Friedan. Why would you even pretend otherwise?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't figure out if these commentators are ugly women or bitter men?

Anonymous said...

Right on Coulter fan. JBK talks out of both sides of his mouth, as usual, giving a mournful "tribute" to this radical feminist, just after he brags about drinking with models. Just watch what you say around here though. If you dare to criticize any post you get shouted down by the other libs.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell ever tried to shut you down bally107? I see your comments all over this blog, usually saying the same old tired garbage. I don't think you've ever been shouted down or censored. I even saw another commenter respectfully try to engage you in a debate, asking for your views or your own blog. Stop lying about how you were treated.

Not a hipster said...

Thanks, Pam. Bally tries to say that I tell her to stop talking, but I never have. I've asked Bally many times to actually say something and engage in a debate.

Bally, the only thing I've asked you not to do is insult people out of nowhere (i.e., insult JBK for drinking with a friend when the post was about randomly running into her).

So at least get it right when you "claim" that I asked you to be quiet. Remember: I want you to talk. I really do. Just say something with substance.

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