Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The quails are coming home to roost

Dick Cheney is getting grief from even Republicans now about his pathetic handling of the shooting incident (it is still surreal, by the way, to actually use the phrase shooting incident, and know that it means the Vice President of the United States shot another man.) But W. should not be getting out of this without some scorn being directed at him too.

Let’s face it, Bush has given Cheney an unprecedented amount of autonomy. Cheney is called, with good reason, the most powerful veep in history.

He was a main force in pushing this country in to that mess of a war in Iraq, he almost single handedly devised the nation’s energy policy – well single-handedly with the help of his buddies in the oil industry, of course – and he undoubtedly played a role in going after the administration’s perceived political enemies, like Ambassador Joe Wilson, whose wife was outed as a CIA agent by Cheney’s former number two, Scooter Libby.

Perhaps if Boy George wasn’t so clueless, didn’t need a daddy figure around to tell him what to do, Cheney would have felt a little less like he could get away with shooting a man and downplaying it, would have perhaps felt compelled to step up to the plate and admit that first day that he screwed up big time in this case.

But Bush is clueless, Cheney is arrogant, and now the White House is getting some well deserved political tsuris.


Anonymous said...

I believe in clinical terms, Bush is what is called an enabler.

Anonymous said...

I believe Bush is whats called an idiot! :)

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